Software Management

Supporting the tools that power your people.

Encompassing operating systems, applications, and programs, software more or less dictates a computer's capabilities and functionality. Today, businesses have access to software that can accomplish virtually any task, it's all about finding the right fit for your organization and budget.


Importance of Software Management

Software enables your employees to do more with less. From basic applications like email and Microsoft Office to complex database systems and collaboration tools, software plays a huge role in what your staff can do and how they do it. Ensuring software is always running at peak performance is crucial to maintaining employee productivity and operational efficiency but the constant upkeep can be tedious and time consuming.

importance of software management

Advantages of Professional Software Management

Check out some of the ways your company can benefit of software management:

Cost Savings

Overseeing and maintaining all the software deployed across your network can be a full time job. Software management reduces the need to hire in-house IT staff and limits downtime resulting from mismanaged applications and programs.

Time Management

Stop spending valuable business hours setting up new users, managing licenses, and continuously applying patches and updates. Reallocate your efforts to focus on growing your business and improving your bottom line. 

Business Agility

Don't limit yourself to in-house expertise. By working with a team of professionals you can quickly and seamlessly deploy any variety of software and applications without needing to worry about training your staff.

Harden Security

Unpatched software is among the most common network vulnerabilities exploited by hackers. Software management provides a routine update and patching schedule for all your software and critical operating systems to keep you safe. 

Always On

Using traditional on-premise applications? Our team can help you explore SaaS and cloud hosted applications that can be accessed from any device that can connect to the internet so your team can work from anywhere.

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The Four Winds Approach

At Four Winds we understand that every business is inherently different which is why we take the time to customize every one of our solutions, so they better cater to the specific needs of your business. Our approach is simple yet effective:


We begin with an upfront meeting to better understand your overall business, budget, and plans for the future. This phase is crucial when it comes designing a solution that both accommodates your immediate needs and can easily scale with your business.


There is no such thing as one size fit all when it comes to technology. We work with you to better understand how your employees’ function on a daily basis and identify any business critical applications and tools to create a solution that accommodates your specific needs and budget.


Our team of experienced engineers deploy your solution ensuring any new hardware or software is optimized for your environment. When it comes to maintaining your solution we provide a range of comprehensive support services including but not limited to 24/7 monitoring, remote support, and onsite troubleshooting.


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