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Cloud Solutions 

Practical solutions for the modern business. 

Cloud computing has been around for the better part of 20 years, yet the concept still remains a bit mystifying...

Cloud technology allows you to access 3rd party hosted applications and services, like email or a CRM database, over the internet. Opposed to traditional applications that require local storage and upkeep, cloud resources are maintained and secured by the 3rd party provider. This concept, though simple, can deliver powerful results for any business.


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Reasons For Cloud 

Cloud adoption offers businesses some enticing benefits compared to the traditional, on-premise approach to IT:

Cost Reduction

Drive down capital expenses by reducing the need for expensive hardware requiring constant upkeep and maintenance. Additionally, cloud solutions are pay as you go so you can take advantage of all the features you want without wasting money on the ones you don't.

Increased Productivity

The cloud enables your staff to easily access and share information on a secure platform, making it easy for employees to collaborate on projects in real time. For companies with a hybrid work environment or remote employees cloud computing helps keep your team aligned and on task.

Extreme Flexibility

Stop committing time and resources to data storage and network maintenance. Cloud computing allows you to quickly deploy new resources without additional infrastructure and with a 3rd party handling maintenance you can devote more time to projects that can directly impact your bottom line.

Hardened Security

Cloud providers primary concern is security and typically offer much more robust defenses than conventional in-house systems. All data sent back and forth to the cloud is encrypted to keep your data safe from hackers while in transit. Lastly, with data being stored offsite you don't have to worry about theft, well at least not of your data!

The Four Winds Difference

We separate ourselves from other technology and managed service providers because when it comes to your technology you deserve the best, which is why we pride ourselves on:  

  • No Auto Attendants – We get it. If you’re calling IT support, something is broken, and you need it fixed, that is why when you call Four Winds your calls are answered by live network engineers who can provide immediate troubleshooting & repair in emergency situations. 
  • No Long-Term Contracts – We are committed to IT excellence and are happy to prove it every day. We don’t lock you into long-term, multi-year contracts like our competitors. If we aren’t holding up our end of the bargain, we don’t deserve your business. It's that simple.
  • Vendor Agnostic At Four Winds we aren't interested in reselling hardware. We partner with a variety of world class providers so we can accommodate any situation and technology. The only goal is pairing you with the best solution based on your needs and budget.


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"Great to work with. Have had great attitudes as they have had to work through our unique and ever-changing circumstances."
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