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Routing & Switching

The foundation of network communications. 

Routing and switching are essential to basic network communications, providing the means for your networked devices to communicate internally as well as with outside networks. Though the physical routers and switches that perform these functions may look similar, they each play a distinct role. Find out more below...


Switches facilitate the communication between your internal devices like your computers and printers. They can also be programmed to act as a central controller, dictating who is allowed to access your network as well as the type of information that is allowed to be sent between devices.


Routers are responsible for connecting your devices to other networks, the most common being the internet. Routers also act as a dispatcher directing network traffic and ensuring data flows along the shortest path based on a predetermined or programmed set of rules.

Why is Routing and Switching Important?

Routers and switches are vital components of your IT infrastructure and can impact your company on multiple levels. When properly implemented they can help you with:


Any networked device represents a potential security vulnerability. Routing and switching help reduce your risk by providing the ability to control who can access your internal network as well as filtering the type of traffic allowed into your network from the outside. 


Industries governed by regulatory compliance (healthcare, education, etc.) require organizations to maintain certain standards when it comes to data security. If you operate in one of these industries there could be rules requiring that certain settings be enabled regarding permissions and network access.


Routers and switches affect the speed at which your team can access information both inside and outside of the organization. The less time your team has to wait for files and pages to load the more time they can spend on work related tasks.

Remote Work

When your staff works out of the office they’ll still need to be able to access any tools and applications stored on any local devices or servers. Routers facilitate virtual private networks, or VPNs, which provide your remote employees a safe and secure method to access company data/tools.

Want to Know What to Look for in an IT Consultant? 

The Four Winds Approach

At Four Winds we understand that every business is inherently different which is why we take the time to customize every one of our solutions, so they better cater to the specific needs of your business. Our approach is simple yet effective:


We begin with an upfront meeting to better understand your overall business, budget, and plans for the future. This phase is crucial when it comes designing a solution that both accommodates your immediate needs and can easily scale with your business.


There is no such thing as one size fit all when it comes to technology. We work with you to better understand how your employees’ function on a daily basis and identify any business critical applications and tools to create a solution that accommodates your specific needs and budget.


Our team of experienced engineers deploy your solution ensuring any new hardware or software is optimized for your environment. When it comes to maintaining your solution we provide a range of comprehensive support services including but not limited to 24/7 monitoring, remote support, and onsite troubleshooting.


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