Attributes of a Great IT Consultant


Posted March 7, 2017 by Dan Madigan

Strong Communication Skills

Communication is what separates great IT consultants from good IT consultants. Great consultants can effectively communicate complicated technical scenarios to end-users without coming across as condescending. The great ones know that the end-user is not 'dumb' just because they don’t understand email protocols or I.P. schemes. The great IT consultants realize that the ultimate goal is to help the end-user succeed in their business and that they can achieve this goal by clearly communicating their IT knowledge.

Focused on Risk Management 

IT consultants, by nature, are risk-averse. A great IT consultant worries about the security of your network more than you do. The great consultants are constantly assessing threats from cybercriminals and improving your defenses. They have the technology in place and the skill set to know that there is a threat to your business before it escalates into a major issue. A great IT consultant will not let your business become a BETA test by using risky “bleeding edge of technology" methods. Your IT consultant should always have your back by utilizing proven technologies instead.

Desire to Help You Grow Your Business 

Great IT consultants have vast experience with different companies in many verticals. They have been in the trenches. They have seen the good and the bad and are willing to share this information with you. With this depth of knowledge, great IT consultants can help you build a technology road map that shows you how to overcome your IT challenges and reach your business goals.

Desire to Reduce your Cost of IT

A great IT consultant is not a reseller of hardware. They will, instead, advise you on how to buy hardware directly thereby saving the cost of the usual 15-22% markup that most consultants add on to hardware sales. Many companies are paying unnecessary recurring fees for access licenses (Microsoft 365, antivirus…) or for support contracts on legacy software and hardware. Great consultants will review your existing contracts with other vendors and reduce your total cost of IT.

Continual Improvement

Great IT consultants are always looking to improve processes. By constantly improving processes consultants can help companies shorten sales cycles, reduce labor costs and improve overall efficiency.

It can be difficult to find a consultant with all the above but it's necessary if you truly want your technology to be able to support the long-term goals of your business. 


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