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Network Assessment

Are you getting the most out of your technology?

A network assessment or audit is an in-depth analysis of your current IT infrastructure and helps identify potential security gaps, operational inefficiencies, or technical roadblocks that could cause issues when scaling your operation. Findings from an assessment are reviewed and turned into actionable insights which your company can then implement in stages based on budget and overall impact to your operation.

Why Would You Need an Assessment?

There are a number of reasons your organization should seek out a network assessment with some of the most common being:

Network Security

Network security continues to be a growing concern for businesses and with the ever-changing cyber landscape it’s important you continually review your company’s security posture to ensure you are following the latest cyber security best practices and trained to recognize the latest threats.


Compliance governed industries such as healthcare and education require you meet minimum set of standards when it comes to protecting client privacy and data. Failure to comply with these regulations could result in fines or legal penalties and hurt your companies reputation.

Implementing New Technology

Implementing new technology without a network assessment typically results in what we at Four Winds like to call a 'Frankenstein network' – a hodgepodge of applications and systems thrown together without much forethought or planning - and will eventually lead major problems as you add more applications or attempt any major changes to the network.

The Four Winds Approach

Our team of certified network engineers have experience managing networks ranging in size from startups to enterprise organizations and with our clients spanning virtually every industry there isn’t much we haven’t seen. Our assessments take part in three phases:


Preliminary call with a Four Winds team member to go over the assessment process, answer questions, and discuss any specific requirements you would like to address during the assessment process.


A Four Winds engineer will conduct the assessment evaluating your IT infrastructure from top to bottom and document findings. Our team reviews data from the assessment identifying red flags and their potential impact to your business.


We present our findings and help you create a roadmap to remediate any security gaps prioritizing budget and potential impact on your business. From there our team of certified engineers is ready to help if and when you choose to take action.

Intangibles of a Modern IT Infrastructure

A network assessment will also help you gauge the extent to which technology is incorporated throughout the organization. This is important as companies that continue to invest in technology reap some rather nice benefits:


Prospective hires want to work for a company that gives them access to the latest tools and applications to do their job in the most efficient manner possible. For organizations, the ability to hire and support remote staff, allows them to tap into a much wider talent pool.

Job Satisfaction

Employees can quickly become frustrated if they feel the technology your organization provides is holding them back or affecting their performance. Showing staff members you're willing to invest in technology that will help them succeed can help boost confidence and reassurance.

Customer Perception

Fast, reliable, and convenient have always been of the upmost importance to consumers but today, with smartphones and constant access to the web, the bar has never been higher. Customers want to work with businesses on the cutting edge and your operation needs to be able to interact with them on their terms and meet expectations for instant service and delivery.

Competitive Edge

Technology allows you to work smarter, not harder; automating monotonous tasks and processes to free up you and your staff and give you more time to focus on more important projects opposed to the day to day.


Interested in a Network Assessment?