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Technology breaks, don't let it break your business.

Failover refers to a redundant system, hardware, or service that automatically kicks in when access to the primary system or service is interrupted or shut down. Failover solutions are essentially an insurance policy for any of your network components that are critical to daily operations and require always-on access.


Do I Need Failover?

Technology supports many of the tools and applications that are crucial to your daily operations. When a simple internet outage could affect your team’s ability to make calls, utilize web-based tools, or access data altogether it’s crucial you have a backup plan at the ready. Failover systems mitigate downtime by enabling your team to work through outages and inevitable system failures. The short term costs of implementing these solutions are far outweighed by the long term benefits to your business.

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Benefits of Failover

The primary function of failover is to ensure that your critical applications and tools are always running but failover systems can also help your operation when it comes to:


If your organization operates in an industry that is governed by regulatory compliance you may be required to implement certain failover systems to ensure that your disaster recovery and business continuity plans meet required standards.


The true test of a failover system is when a client can’t tell the difference. If your company is able to deliver the same level of service regardless of a system outage it helps solidify your reputation as a reliable company.


Power and internet outages no longer have to equate to long lunch breaks and shortened workdays. With properly implemented failover, your staff will be back to work, potentially to their chagrin, within seconds.


Certain cyberattacks take advantage of system failures and outages when it comes to deploying malicious software. Failover solutions help limit potential risk and allow constant visibility for network administrators. 

Common Failover Solutions We Provide

UPS Battery Backup

Power outages, even short lived, can cause significant disruption to your business by interrupting access to data and apps or potentially dropping live calls or video conferences. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup provides power in emergency situations to keep business critical applications running and to bridge the gap until power can be restored.

Internet Failover

The ability to access the internet is vital to most modern businesses for supporting applications and tools such as phones and cloud services, which are critical to an employee's ability to function. With so much riding on internet connection purchasing a secondary internet circuit from an alternative internet service provider (ISP) helps ensure that business critical applications are always accessible.

Cloud Backups

Your data is your company’s most valuable asset and cloud backups provide secure offsite storage that can be used to replicate or restore data in the event of a disaster. Although not exactly a failover solution in the traditional sense, cloud backups can also help in other situations like recovering an accidentally deleted file.

Disaster Recovery

A complete disaster recovery plan will typically involve a combination of failover and backup solutions in order to restore your business to full functionality. We help design custom DR solutions based on your specific business operations to ensure that your team can work through any situation.

Want to Know What to Look For in an IT Consultant? 

The Four Winds Approach

At Four Winds we understand that every business is inherently different which is why we take the time to customize every one of our solutions, so they better cater to the specific needs of your business. Our approach is simple yet effective:


We begin with an upfront meeting to better understand your overall business, budget, and plans for the future. This phase is crucial when it comes designing a solution that both accommodates your immediate needs and can easily scale with your business.


There is no such thing as one size fit all when it comes to technology. We work with you to better understand how your employees’ function on a daily basis and identify any business critical applications and tools to create a solution that accommodates your specific needs and budget.


Our team of experienced engineers deploy your solution ensuring any new hardware or software is optimized for your environment. When it comes to maintaining your solution we provide a range of comprehensive support services including but not limited to 24/7 monitoring, remote support, and onsite troubleshooting.


Interested in Failover Solutions?