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Cloud Backups

Secure, off-site backups made simple.

Cloud backups are a system that creates a copy of an application or data and sends it to a secure, offsite location. Offsite backups require little to no end user maintenance and provide more flexibility than traditional backup solutions. These copies ensure business continuity in the event a data breach, help maintain industry compliance, and come in handy for simple file restores.  

Benefits of Four Winds Cloud Backup

In a perfect world data backups would manage themselves but like any technology, they require maintenance and upkeep to ensure they remain in working order. This is where we come in providing:

Daily Verification

Data backups are only useful when they work. We check backups on a daily basis to verify functionality and can take immediate corrective action if necessary.

Local Speed Vault

Quickly restore lost or accidentally deleted (we’ve all done it) files to a local device or other means of cloud storage. Comes in handy when recovering large amounts of data in a hurry!

Business Continuity

Bring back an entire network environment in the event of a data breach or send data to an auxiliary office location in anticipation of a natural disaster.


Access or restore files and emails from years past. This can be rather useful during an audit or when it comes to satisfying industry compliance standards.

Cost Effective

Only pay for what you need. Backups aren’t one size fits all and we will help you build a custom solution based on your specific needs and budget.

What Can We Backup?

Cloud Backups - Physical Server
Physical Servers
Cloud Backups - virtual server
Virtual Servers
Cloud Backups - Workstations
Cloud Backups - Documents
Cloud Backups- Microsoft365
Microsoft 365
Cloud Backups - G Suite
G Suite

Interested in Cloud Backups?