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This Could Be You! Managed Backups In Action

This Could Be You! Managed Backups In Action

Embark on the Journey to Managed Backup

In the bustling town of Anywhere, USA, two business owners, Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl, find themselves at a crucial juncture in their entrepreneurial journeys. Little do they know that the decisions they make regarding data protection will shape the fate of their respective businesses. Join us as we explore the narrative of Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl, and discover the importance of managed backup in safeguarding against everyday calamities.

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Considering the Risks of Data Loss

Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl, both fierce competitors and business owners, attend an online meeting with Tim, a Managed Services Provider (MSP). Tim unravels the potential dangers of data loss due to everyday calamities, which include:

  • IT failures and outages
  • IT device theft or loss
  • Extreme weather and other events
  • Data corruption issues
  • Ransomware attacks


Visionary Veronica, recognizing the significance, immediately embraces the solution of managed backup, while Complacent Carl, relying on cloud backup, dismisses the offer as an unnecessary expense.

Tip: Managed backup could pay for itself the first time you use it to recover your data.

Everyday Calamities: IT Equipment Failures

As Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl strive to win the business of Melvin Millions, IT issues disrupt their plans.


While Visionary Veronica swiftly recovers with managed backup, restoring her proposal within minutes to a backup laptop, Complacent Carl faces a lengthy recovery process. He relies solely on cloud backup, spending hours attempting to restore his data and eventually deciding to restart the next day.

Tip: Managed backup restores easily to the device of your choice and backs up your data several times a day.

Everyday Calamities: Data Corruption

The next morning brings a new challenge—data corruption. Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl find their proposals corrupted, hindering their progress.

Tip: Your MSP can help you recover quickly from data corruption issues you may not be able to address on your own.

Complacent Carl, relying on a corrupted cloud backup as his only copy, faces a predicament with no time to start over.

in short..

As the day of the presentation arrives, Complacent Carl drops out of the running, leaving Visionary Veronica to secure the new account. She not only wins but also expands her team to support Melvin Millions, reveling in the growth of her business.

Visionary Veronica, aware of the importance of data resilience, calls Tim, the MSP owner, to restore her data to a pre-corruption state. Despite a minor data loss, she confidently continues her journey towards success.

This tale of Visionary Veronica and Complacent Carl serves as a compelling reminder of the crucial role managed backup plays in the face of everyday calamities. The decision to invest in proactive data protection can be the key to uninterrupted progress and business growth. As you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship, consider the journey to managed backup—it might just be the safeguard your business needs.

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