IT Management and Security for Law Firms


Helping You Secure Your Data and Serve Your Clients More Effectively

You’re in the business of advising your clients and doing your best to mitigate their risk, but who is doing the same for your firm’s data and IT-based workflow?

Our team provides IT management, consulting, and security for law firms large and small across the region. We can help you meet today’s challenges and implement solutions that will support your digital transformation objectives.
Your Law Firm’s IT Security and Compliance

Because of the personal information housed in your client files, your organization is an attractive target for cybercriminals. In fact, the 2021 Coveware Quarterly Ransomware Report (Q1 2021) demonstrated that professional services firms - and small to mid-size law firms in particular―make up 24.9% of ransomware attacks.1  That trend is only expected to increase.

Let our cybersecurity and IT compliance professionals close potential gaps and vulnerabilities in your IT systems and protocols, so you can work and collaborate with confidence.
Reliable IT Professionals + Reliable Services = Reliable Legal Workflows
  • Day-to-day IT management and maintenance
  • Answers for IT questions
  • IT monitoring and incident response
  • Mobile collaboration solutions
  • Executive-level IT consulting
  • Business continuity strategies
  • Regulatory compliance support
Let us help you keep your systems running―and protected.    

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1(Coveware Quarterly Ransomware Report ― accessed 2021-08-19 -


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