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Email Security

The most widely used and inherently vulnerable part of any business. 

More than your average SPAM filter, email security involves multiple layers of protection and typically incorporates several types of software and technology. Beyond typical traditional safeguards, employee education is a crucial pillar of email security as users need to be able to recognize and report the latest threats.

Guard Your Business

Protecting your email is a critical piece of the overall network security equation as the number of attacks delivered via email continue to increase each year. Proper email protection can help you ward off these threats and avoid the dreaded ransomware attack.

Four Winds can help protect your business from:


AKA viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware. These attacks seek to first gain control of an employee’s workstation. Once inside a hacker will seek to exploit any data and information, they can get their hands on.


Utilizing social engineering and other tactics an attacker will attempt to impersonate someone at your organization, could be you, and convince someone on staff to send them money or disclose sensitive information.


Although these emails are not always malicious, they can be quite annoying and distract your staff from doing actual work. Not to mention that the occasional SPAM email does contain malware!

Learn How to Avoid Phishing Scams 

How Four Winds Can Help

There are plenty of ways to protect your email and we'll work with your to create the best solution for your operation. Here are a couple of the ways we can help secure your mailbox:

Anti-Virus Protection: Corporate grate AV to detect, prevent, and remove malware and other malicious content.

Spam Filtering: Configured to your organization, the software will block unsolicited marketing emails and potentially malicious emails alike. 

Email Encryption: Crucial for sending highly sensitive information over the web especially for industries governed by regulatory compliance. 

Secure Login: Ensure that web-based versions of email applications are using encryption 

Whether you are dealing with specific compliance requirements or just want to make sure you never lose an email, we can help with:

Backup and Archiving: Overtime, emails will move out of your inbox once they pass a certain retention period. With backup and archiving these emails are essentially cataloged and stored aware for later use. We can offer both cloud and on-prem solutions. 

Email Compression: Generally speaking, emails do not take up much space when it comes to storage but over time, and depending on how large your staff is, they can really add up. We can compress emails to keep your backup storage costs from skyrocketing. 

File Recovery: Ever accidentally delete a file? No worries, we can quickly recover deleted items. Files can also be pulled out of archive in the event of an audit or if it's simply passed your inbox's retention period. 


Your employees, as much as you love them, are your biggest cyber security threat, but without training what can you expect? We offer training programs that cover things like:

- How to check a sender before opening attachments or clicking on hyperlinks.

- NEVER sharing a password- even friends and fellow employees.

- Information that should never be sent over email like credit card info. 

- Secure methods to access company information when working remotely or on public WiFi.


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